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Remake of Dadog1132's NG Profile

Remake of my profile (:

Personal Profile: Dadog1132

Picture of Dadog1132  
Alias:   Dadog1132
Web:   Dadog1132's Official Website
AIM:   Poopandataco
Age:    13
Gender:   Male
Habitat:   Panama City, FL
Job:   Audio/ Student

LV 30 Dark

Message from Dadog1132:
Hi EV3RY 1!! iM N3W HEr3!! 0MG, NG I$ K3WL!!

Exp. Points: 98,874,765 / 98,874,765
Sign-up Date: 3/5/06
Flash Reviews by Dadog1132:
987,098,756 reviews available
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698,705,478 reviews available
Flash by Dadog1132:
- none -
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Experience: Ranked # 1 out of 1,183,799 users!
Blam/Protect: Ranked # 1 out of 1,183,799 users!
Stickers: 89,798,799 (click to order)
Voting Power: 100.0 votes

Elite Guard Supreme
                                    Commander Rank: Elite Guard Supreme Commander
BLAMS: Involved in the termination of 9,869,876,897,896 crappy entries.
SAVES: Assisted in the protection of 96,686,468,664 quality entries.

BBS Posts: 9,765,675,675,465,546,545 in total (9.96 per day)
Favorite Films:
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