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Here is how to get a free flash maker!

All right, there is something called Adobe Flash CS3 Professional and it has a 30 day free trial, but in this trial you can use all the features it offers and  can also save. I'm sill looking for a crack but in the mean while you can download the trial and enjoy flash making! Go to to create an account and download your trial! When your 30 days are up, just make another account and download it again or if your able to just log in again and download it again, either way you get to make flash free!

Here's help on finding a crack on your own.
Since the program requires a key or a code  to be registered with you could search the web for a key generator. If you see results coming up as "key gen" it's referring to "key generator." I prefer to search.
Here's a link to a search I already started, if you find a potential crack please email me the link(s) to the source of the crack.

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