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Here is how to make audio tracks free!

About Fruity Loops:
Alright, I'm sure everyone has heard of Fruity Loops Studio (FL Studio). If not than I will explain it to you and how it works.
FL Studio is an audio making program that can cost anywhere from $50.00 to $300.00! FL Studio offers a free trial that last forever and you get all the features but you do not get to save your audio you make with it in the demo version. To make music in FL Studio you can make a quick loop if you want or a whole song, as long as you want! You can add anything to your audio track that it offers and you can even download more off the Internet.
The downloads:
The two things you'll need are a free copy of the FL Studio v6.0 Demo and an FL Studio v6.0 registration crack, and well. I supply all that for you!
To get your copy of the FL Studio v6.0 Demo and your registration crack follow these links:
Download FL Studio v6.0 Demo below:
Download the registration crack below:
This will instruct you on what to do and what it dose.
What you are about to do is allow your free copy of the FL Studio v6.0 Demo to save the audio you make.
First download FL Studio v6 Demo by clicking on the link above. After doing so, download the registration crack by clicking the link above also, but your going to save the crack in a specific place so follow closely.
1. Install FL Studio
2. Open the Reg file to register FL Studio to Full version
3. Install the VST's
4. Start FL Studio, and go to options > File Settings
5. Set the VST Directory to the installed VST Plug in Folder (f.ex. C:\Program Files\VST Plug ins\
6. Go to Channels > Add One > More, and press the Refresh Button > Fast Refresh
7. Mark the plug ins that are red with the 'F' in the square
When your finished, Enjoy making music and to save your audio click on the folder with a wavy line and save it in mp3 format to put it on Newgrounds Audio Portal.

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