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This Website is mainly dedicated to NewGrounds!


 Welcome to Dadog1132's official website, dedicated for Newgrounds. On this site you will find piracy downloads for programs you can use to make and submit content to newgrounds including information on how to make audio tracks and flash animation free!
 Everything is legal and free of charge! Even after you get what you want this site will be updated constantly with all sorts of sweet Newgrounds fan stuff. This may not be the best Newgrounds fan site, but is sure a great one!
 Now what are you waiting for, use the navigation panel to find want!

Whats it all about:

I made this site originally because I was bored and I was banned from Newgrounds forums for a while so I built my own. So if anyone else gets banned they can come out over to mine until their unbanned basically. Well anyway, hope you enjoy your stay and hope the stuff here benefits.

Dadog1132's official website!